Every Thursday – Heroic Living Office Schedule

9am  HEROIC LIVING PERSONAL CODE(S)  By appointment only.

11:45am   Snack Time  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Noon  HEROIC LIVING WISDOM CIRCLE  For individuals who have their Heroic Living Code

12:45  HEROIC LIVING ADVISORY COUNSEL   Volunteers help grow Heroic Living programs.

2pm  HEROIC LIVING WORKSHOPS and/or WORK GROUPS  Gatherings/meetings to further the growth and development of Heroic Living projects within the local community.

7pm MONSTER EDUCATION -TRAINING  52 week Heroic Living Monster Skills program. Request information about this program. Required for Heroic Living Code Certification and/or for other special designations. 

See links on right side of page for Non-Thursday events, ie events on other days.

Contact Heroic Living for more information:  (707) 217  -1975