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THURSDAY – Noon – “Wisdom Circle” – for friends who have their Heroic Living Code

Our WEEKLY “Wisdom Circle” is at NOON every THURSDAY at our new office at:  6425 Redwood Highway in Rohnert Park CA. 

Please call to let us know that you are coming!  (707) 217-1975.  

6425 Redwood Dr.
Rohnert Park, California 94928

(707) 217-1975

KEY TOPIC:  “What is the Essence of Heroic Living?”

THIS WEEK: PROPOSED TOPIC:  “What is the essence of Heroic Living?”

NEXT WEEK: PROPOSED TOPIC: “Heroic Living Target Sponsors”
Definition: Heroic Living Target Sponsors – fund a one-year program for sixteen individuals who are facing a specific challenge.

Heroic Living Volunteer Leadership Team 2018 |
Peter – Welcome, Carol – Enlighten, Beth – Inspire, Hank – Connect, Emily – Enlighten
Nita – Motivate

2018 TOPICS – for the New Year

Here of some of the topics that we talked about looking at in the coming year:

Topic: HEROIC LIVING FRIENDS (Community) (Hank)
Topic: HEROIC LIVING OFFICE (Office space)  / Wisdom Circle Support 

It should be fun to meeting at our new office. The office will make in possible for  us to do a number of things, including a weekly Wisdom Circle for ex-inmates and the rest of us!