Your are Encouraged to Schedule Your Own Events for Friends of Heroic Living

Heroic Living Events are designed to be get-gatherings for fun and for support of each other! and our Heroic Living Projects.    

To schedule an event, just send and email to with the following details:

What:      (what kind of activity)
When:     (start and finish time)
Where:   (event location
Why:       (eat, have fun, dance, etc)

Your event may be a movie, a walk by a lake, a trip to the beach and/or any other sort of activity. The only restrictions are: (a) Dance events are only with live bands (not recordings, and (b) meals are only at our homes (not restaurants).

For now, be sure to give as much notice (days ahead) as you can.  Perhaps we might evaluate, whether or not we might use  as a way to announce/schedule these events, as well as other Heroic Living activities. Thanks.