We get together to have fun and to support each other!

“FRIENDS of HEROIC LIVING” is a group of friends who have chosen to honor our personal “life passion.”  We support each other in the living of our own “life passion.”

Any person who has received their Personal Code from Heroic Living can post their events on this website (and, in effect, ask other friends to come!)

Each member of our community have received their own “Heroic Living Personal Code” – a written symbol/poetic statement that accurately points to their personal “Life Passion.”

A Friend of Heroic Living

For information about how to become a “Friend of Heroic Living” and/or to receive y our own Persona Code, please contact: Peter Skaife/ Heroic Living at:  (707) 217-1975 or, visit:  http://PeterSkaife.com  

The MISSION  of HEROIC LIVING is to “encourage people to more fully explore the uniqueness of who they are and how they fit into the world.”  

Heroic Living Tools are available for: (1) Following Your Passion, (2) Facing Your Challenges (3) Developing Your Vision, and (4) Creating Your Legacy